About Superlancer

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We love working. We also love the concept of freedom. This means we like to do our job and be happy at the same time, simple as that.


So we refuse to waste precious time and effort sitting, waiting behind walls for endless hours.

We refuse to be locked inside a cubicle and live the same day over and over and over. Instead we choose to do what we love to do, where to do it, when to do it and with whom to do it.


This is where freelancing steps in! A concept that brings together work, discipline and freedom. Freedom to choose when to work, where to work and who to work with. Freedom to set our own working hours, our own lunch breaks and our own deadlines. Freedom to pick the project we enjoy the most, that pays the least or that pushes us to our limits the most. We are the pioneers of online networking and our gigs are our bonds.


The only big issue about freelancing is how and where to find work. Enter The Superlancer.com! Above are the reasons why we created Superlancer, where people who love what they do -freelancers, easily meet up with enthusiastic people who like to get work done -startups, and there you have it: An harmonious, enjoyable and fruitful working environment where everyone's satisfied and happy!